#69 On this episode: Marquis shows off his new Japanese Arcanine Pokemon card (2:55) and Andrew shares poetry he wrote to his 8th grade girlfriend (44:08). Also much criticism of Instagram Reels with their change of algorithm and inflated numbers (29:29).

0:00 Intro
2:55 Marquis Japanese Arcanine
8:43 PSA Covid Intercourse
10:26 Umbrella Academy, The Boys, Smallville
12:23 The Batman Trailer
20:14 Static Shock Movie
22:19 Quibi Reno 911
24:56 Marquis New Stance on TikTok
25:33 Importance of Algebra
29:29 Instagram Reels Bullshit Numbers
33:21 Sleep Paralysis
38:24 Hurricane in Texas (Nathan Carcamo)
44:08 Andrew’s Poetry
50:50 Marquis New Glasses
53:42 Jacob Blake Shooting
56:17 Kyle Rittenhouse Murder Charges
59:07 Ryan Whitaker RIP
1:00:53 Outro