Marquis Can’t Be Seen in Photos (1:10) Kids Embarrassed by Parents (3:50) Keanu Reeves (4:42) Missed Connections (6:49) Bella Throne Naked Photos (8:45) Sending Penis Pictures (10:29) Fisheye Dick Pics (10:54) Drew Dislikes Nude Photos (13:40) Police Sketches (15:13) LaVar Ball “Sexual Comments” on ESPN (16:45) Weight Loss Progress in Panties (19:47) Marquis Dislikes Kissing “Making Out” (22:43) Drew Driving Bus Like the Movie Speed (26:48) Recent Deaths at Costcos (27:48) Straight Men Dating Transexuals (30:26) Women Losing Breasts After Weight Loss (32:54) Phone Companies User Information (34:33) Dominican Republic Deaths (37:12) Parkland Survivor Kyle Kashuv Denied from Harvard (40:40) Skate Fillet Podcast (43:00) HBO Chernobyl (44:15)