Marquis car trouble (0:55) San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon (2:14) Iggy Azalea nudes leaked (5:15) Detective Pikachu video game sequel (6:52) Pokemon Sleep video game (7:48) Death Stranding trailer (11:20) Pokemon Company President gets sarcastic with Hiro Matsuoka because of Godzilla promotion (13:01) Pokemon Clothing (14:01) Tyler the Creator releases credits to IGOR (14:36) Marquis responds to Billy Jackson about Tyler the Creator IGOR album (16:58) More millennials than Baby Boomers (19:53) Michelle Waterson on Joe Rogan Podcast (28:00) Cultural Appropriation (29:23) San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon (31:31) Men Appropriation (34:14) Ashton Kutcher Hollywood Ripper trail (35:50) Virginia Beach shooting (39:42) Toxic Driving Habits (40:50) “My Nilla” Brilliant Idiots Podcast (44:39) Anthony Joshua loses to Andy Ruiz (45:42) Suicidal Thoughts (49:23) Julianna Desing Youtube Channel (1:07:12) Andrew dating bigger women (1:13:42)