#70 On this episode: Childhood friend Wayne Cross joins the podcast to talk to firefighting (9:07) and his video game collection (20:15). We also talk about paying respects to Chadwick Boseman’s recent passing and use programmed sound bites of his performance of Black Panther.

0:00 Pre Show Banter/Sound Test
1:30 Intro
2:51 Wayne Cross
5:52 Raspberry Mustard
9:07 Counselor/Firefighter Careers
20:15 Video Game Collection
22:40 Game Crazy
26:35 How Drew and Marquis Met
29:51 Cobra Kai
35:21 Pokemon Card PSA Grading
39:26 City Council Meeting
43:03 Batman vs Spiderman
50:08 Trump Talks Shit
1:05:00 Chadwick Boseman