#73 On this episode: As the title of the podcast states, Andrew and Marquis remain random by talking about which Marvel Avenger gets laid most. (12:01) UFC fighter Colby Covington says racist remarks to champion (1:00:37) and how women cheat on Instagram (24:40).

0:00 Preshow
2:00 Intro
4:22 Body Part Sizes
10:53 Chris Evans Dick
12:01 Sex Avengers
15:34 Emmy Awards
18:39 Ellen Apology
24:40 Girl’s Instagram Cheat Code
32:35 Worst Date
39:01 Amazingly Awful x Random Gold Podcast
41:11 Registered to Vote
45:50 Marquis IG Questions
48:09 Feature Others Don’t Understand
1:00:37 Colby Covington