#67 On this episode: Marquis and Drew discuss Donald Trump’s hilarious commercial campaign against Joe Biden and his Vice President nominee Kamala Harris. Marquis also share’s Cardi B’s new song WAP and play the remix B.A.D. by Safaree.

0:00 Intro
0:54 Winter Clothes in Summer
2:12 Umbrella Academy
6:34 10 Years of Scott Pilgrim
9:56 Charizard Pokemon Card
15:39 Drew is Deaf
16:39 Cardi B WAP
23:03 Safaree B.A.D. Remix (WAP)
24:30 Water-Based Lubricate
25:03 Gift of Fortune Brand
26:19 Joe Biden (Slow Joe)
35:33 Marquis Glasses
37:03 Postmates, DoorDash, Grubhub
39:09 Kids Return to School
42:19 Women with Bad Attitudes
44:31 TikTok Instagram Reels
48:30 Outro