#71 On this episode: We talk about the horrible fires happening on the west coast and get a phone call from a close friend evacuating his home. (1:45) Dr. Dre going through a divorce; how much money the wife wants in alimony. (43:26) Lastly we touch on the ending of 2 TV shows – The Walking Dead and Keeping up with the Kardashians. (49:00)

0:00 Preshow
1:45 Intro/Evacuation Phone Call
3:51 West Coast Fires
13:07 Labor Day
14:21 September 11th
16:24 Marquis Jokes
17:55 Frank Sinatra
19:24 Time Periods to Live In
25:05 Written Up at Work
32:31 Trump Nobel Peace Prize
37:53 Tenet Movie
41:33 Hand Sanitizer Fire
43:26 Dr. Dre Divorce
46:30 Chad Goes Deep City Council
49:00 Walking Dead/Keeping up with the Kardashians Ending
57:36 12yr Old Showed Toy Gun in Virtual Class
1:03:05 50 Cent Wishes to Forget G-Unit (Joe Budden Podcast)
1:06:34 Joe Budden Rumors